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X-Rite Color Management Solutions for Videographers and Filmmakers

X-Rite has long been a provider of color management solutions for the still photographer. As the digital revolution continues we are moving into the world of professional video, too. Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, innovations in camera technology, editing software, and color management tools make it easier than ever to take control of your color from capture to edit. In these short videos, we are offering real world solutions to some common challenges facing the video professional today. Using the tools you may already have, industry leaders walk you through the process of maximizing your efficiency and reducing time in capture and edit, all the while giving better, more consistent results.
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Shooting video with a DSLR – Getting it Right in the Camera

With Dennis O'Clair To save time and improve the overall quality of any video production, it's important to get it right the first time in camera. Today's digital workflows offer unique challenges and solutions to ensure the color you capture on set is the color you see in the editing booth. This short tutorial reviews these challenges and solutions offering simple suggestions to get the most out of video you shoot with your DSLR camera.

Color Management for Video – Are you Seeing the Correct Color?

With Eduardo Angel Before the subjects of color correction or enhancement can be made, you need to be sure you're seeing color recorded in the video accurately. In this episode, you'll be introduced to the latest tools designed to ensure your computer and monitor are meeting the latest broadcast color specifications for NTSC, PAL, REC 709, and SECAM.

Color Management for Video: Capturing Correct Color in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

With Eduardo Angel Using an X-Rite Colorchecker Classic Card has long been the standard in digital video workflows simply as a visual reference, allowing colors to be tweaked manually in the editing process. In this video, we demonstrate advances in editing software providing additional tools to automate the process while gaining consistency and saving time.

Color Management for Video: Consistent Color Balance on a Multi-Camera Shoot

With Eduardo Angel Using multiple cameras on a single shoot offers a variety of angles and perspectives to enhance the final edit. Managing the color, however, when the final production is put together is not always easy. Here, we will walk you through the process of getting accurate color on a three-camera shoot using mixed light sources to take advantage of the tools you probably already own.

X-Rite for Filmmakers on Photokina TV

Marc Ludwig from Photokina TV interviews Thomas Kunz of X-Rite and Eduardo Angel, industry expert & filmmaker, on the importance of using color management tools in the videography environment. Whether it is the i1Display Pro to ensure correct color or the ColorChecker passport to get custom white balance when shooting footage with multiple cameras, X-Rite's trusted color management tools work just as effectively for video as they do for photo and are a necessity for professionals.

Webinar Archive: STOP! Before you color grade that footage…

In this free webinar sponsored by B&H Photo and X-Rite we are going to discuss color management and how it applies to digital filmmakers. Before you adjust the color on your footage, shouldn't you know that your monitor is showing you the correct color in your file? Now more than ever, the quality of your final production is based on the quality of your editing. Knowing the color you are evaluating is accurate is the foundation to a good workflow. The only way to properly grade your footage is to make sure what you see is accurate to NTSC, SECAM/PAL, or REC .709 broadcast standards. Joshua Fischer will take you through the very simple steps of making sure that what you see on your monitor is what your clients will see in the final product.
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